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Retouching & Image Manipulation Services

Jonathan not only specializes in capturing images, he is equipped with the tools and software to create flawless pictures with photo retouching. Every photo shoot comes with post-production photo proofing and processing that will balance the photograph to present you in the best possible light. Sometimes, however, there may be a need to eliminate an unwanted flaw in a photo or enhance/smooth out an angle of the body, or balance skin tone and remove blemishes.

He is a true perfectionist when it comes to retouching photos; working with every client personally to edit them to sheer perfection. The goal is for each client to walk away feeling 100% satisfied with the photo shoot and Jonathan will work with them to make that happen. Types of image manipulation and retouching services offered are below:


Headshot Formatting Services

Application of Talent's Name, a Solid Border, & Representation, if desired, to an industry standard Headshot format. Delivered in a Hi-Res digital file.

Available with Deblemishing or Retouching of the image




Name & Border Name and BorderName and Black Border



Name, Border & Representation ChristianAguilera_A2repName, Border & Representation

Headshot by Cynthia Smalley


  • Name and Border
  • Name, Border & Representation
    • Including removal of major blemishes and elimination of stray hairs
    • Including Basic Retouching





Basic Retouching Services

Recommended for all headshot clients to achieve that polished, professional quality appearance to represent you at your best to Casting Directors, Agents, and Clients

Before UnrecognizableOriginal ImageAn unretouched image

After Retouched imageRetouchedRemoval of birthmarks, stray hairs, item between teeth, lip gloss added, & minor exposure & blemish removal



Basic retouching of 1 image delivered digitally. includes correction and treatment of:

  • blemishes & minor make-up problems
  • shine/blotchiness reduction
  • image sharpening
  • selected blurring 
  • minor stray hairs
  • minor color & exposure problems
  • simple logo removal







Advanced Retouching/Image Editing

This is usually anything beyond what is listed in the Basic Retouching Service which can include things like background changes, tattoo removals, flyaway hairs, fixing to make up problems, logo & print removal, etc.

Original ImageAn unretouched image


Images Courtesy Argentum Photo Labs


  • Major image editing & manipulation,
  • subtle eye and teeth whitening.
  • wrinkles
  • Background changes
  • Object removal (Tattoos, product logos, signage, people, etc.)
  • Severe flyaway hair and gaps
  • Severe makeup problems
  • Under the eye softening
  • Major skin-tone, & complexion evening.
  • Also includes image restoration, collages, mosaics, panoramic, spdecial effects, etc.
















































Expert retouching will take your digital file to the next level. We will retouch your image to your exact specifications. First, you'll go over your retouching requests. The benefits are two-fold. We can get an exact idea of what you want and often we will spot things in your image you may have missed!

Once we've had the chance to perform the touch ups you desired, you will have another opportunity to approve the newly retouched image before proceeding with your order. Age lines and blemishes that are removed or softened by our expert retouchers will make your headshot look as natural as possible and not have that "overly retouched" look.

  Image-ManipulationImage-ManipulationA client asked Jonathan to remove the men from a wedding photo. Click to zoom-in and judge the results for yourself!




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