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The Headshot Session

Prior to meeting we will discuss your objectives and they types of headshots you are needing. As the name implies, a headshot is normally of your head or head & shoulders. That’s my preference because your face fills the frame, allowing your eyes to draw in the viewer. A photo that shows more of your body (three-quarter or full-length) is standard for models, but not for actors. However, it can be useful if your body type is important for the types of roles you want, such as bikini-babe or muscle builder. Knowing your needs from the headshot session will also help us decide on where to shoot (studio or outside set) and the type of backgrounds to use.

I find the natural outdoors, using natural light as my preferred set and background. Having said that, I also have 3 backgrounds I like to use. Black, white, and slate blue. This would be done in-studio. Depending on our talk, what we'll do is take shots in your first choice of set/background, then change to the next one. Keep those sets/backgrounds in mind when you select your outfits. Try to keep the outfit changes efficient. If you want a 2nd look there won't be time for an entire wardrobe change. Remember all that will be needed is from your waist up.

What is a "Look"? How many do I get?

These are one of the most commonly asked questions when booking a headshot session. A "Look" is a simple way of referring to a wardobe change, in addition to the background you'll be shooting in front of. Examples of different looks would be: Girl Next Door, CSI Detective, Leading man, or "Quirky". If you let your imagination run with this a little, I'm sure you can see how different the wardrobe for each of these looks could be, as well as the surroundings for each of them. All headshot packages come with as many looks as there is time, depending on the package chosen, there will be a minimum of looks. That being said, if I feel like we have taken some images that are solid, then I will offer the opportunity to go take more. So prepare properly & read the rest of this page.  Let's make the most of our time together!

It's natural to be nervous before a shoot. It's also exciting! Throughout the shoot, I'll give you all the guidance and direction you need. My approach is hands on and laid back. In the beginning I'll pose you but only because I want to help you to find your own rhythm. When it's there, it's effortless, we both know when it happens. I'll work with you to create shots that have motion and a natural feel. The best way to get a great headshot is for me to shoot real moments. You are enough!



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