Hair & Makeup

You've probably had an acting teacher, or a fellow actor tell you to do your own make-up and hair for your headshots. They'll tell you that it's the only way to ensure you'll look like yourself, and you want to look the same in your photos, as you do when you show up at your auditions. There is rational behind this, but there's more to the equation. Will you be doing your own make-up and hair when you land that big role on NCIS, or star in the next Avatar directed by James Cameron. Chances are, the answer will be NO.

It's important to look your best, and present yourself professionally. You can still play a part in the make-up and hair process, even if you have someone else do it for you. Even as a collaboration, it's better than leaving your presentation to chance. Having someone on hand to make sure you're looking your best, will give you the opportunity to focus your energy on taking better photos.

That being said, I don't directly offer Hair & Makeup. Should you desire, I can refer you to a few licensed cosmetologists. Their fees vary, but you'll have the choice to select one that you feel comfortable with.



Style your hair in a way that you like and frames your face. Hair in the eyes is bad. Hair perfectly slicked back is sometimes even worse. Men who wear their hair very short (as in their scalp shows) might want to wait until just before their next haircut before having headshots done.


Makeup for Women:

Everyone should use plenty of base and powder. But it shoud NOT appear thick and caked on. Blemishes can be removed digitally but a glamorous, even skin tone is sometimes hard to reproduce that way. Reducing glare is a good idea as well.

The intensity of your makeup is a choice that reflects the type of character you wish to audition for. A glamorous leading lady or sexy character type might wear more makeup than the ingenue or mature character. However, be cautious on the colors you choose. Blush and eyeshadow should enhance the natural contours of your face. You don’t want that even if you are auditioning to play a vampire. Lipstick that is too light or frosty can make you look like a ghost. Choose a midtone lipstick color.


Makeup for Men:

Men just have it easy in this department. Our society is used to seeing men without makeup. However, there are other things to consider. How much beard growth you have is also a reflection of the type of character you are trying to portray. A full beard, or stubble can be interesting or just sloppy looking. It's up to you. As part of your photoshoot, I recommend picking up some blotting paper and a foundation from the makeup counter of your local department store. Just in case you start to perspire under the hot lights or we need to even out your skin.


Makeup for children:

Children do not require much makeup. Little girls may wear a small amount of makeup in natural shades.


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