Come prepared

You want to work as an Actor, Model, or Real Estate Agent? Treat this shoot as if you were going in for a gig or meeting a client for the first time. Plan a few days in advance to get enough sleep so you’ll look and feel rested. Let's strive to get photos captured on your best day! We all wear our stress and our sleep deprivation, and like ill-fitting clothing, they have no business making an appearance in a headshot session. As the photographer, there are a lot of things I have control over during our session, but if you come in tired and tense you’re at a severe disadvantage.

It’s all about attitude. I can always see when someone shows up to their shoot who hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep. The eyes show it all and they will not lie in your headshots. We want your eyes to pop, tell a story and draw us in during your shoot not be tired and grouchy. So sleep and sleep well. We want you at you’re “A” game.


I can’t stress this enough, everyone is capable of an amazing photograph if they trust their photographer and they’re willing to give up control. I encourage all of my clients to email me prior if there are any questions. Most importantly, just like on the set as an Actor. Be coachable. I will put you in some poses that may feel unnatural, but they will look damn good on film. I will help you get where you need to go with your headshot. This only works if you leave all of your baggage at home. Don’t come in with a negative attitude. I promise you that if you come into my studio prepared and confident, you won’t leave without a great headshot.

Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin, especially in the dry winter weather. It’s key to looking younger and healthier. Did I mention to get plenty of rest the night? Kids should be scheduled in the morning, on weekends or after an afternoon nap. Those buggers get cranky. I know, we have an 8 & 9 year old.

A few days before you get your headshots done, be sure to examine your face, eyebrows, and hairstyle to determine if any minor adjustments may help. I’m not suggesting cosmetic surgery! I’m talking about plucking your eyebrows or possibly getting your hair trimmed.

  • Be sure to take care of all hair removal prior to a shoot, but leave at least 2-3 days between when you wax/shave any sensitive areas and your shoot date. This time is necessary to allow for any irritation to disappear before your shoot.
  • Although the focus will be on your face, take care of your nails in case they end up in the shot. Be sure that your nails are neat and well maintained. If you plan on posing barefoot, be sure your feet and toes are in good condition.
  • Take care of hair cuts, trims and color at least two weeks before your session and never the day before. Should anything go wrong, you won’t be happy with your photos!
  • Avoid fatty, greasy, and salty foods prior to shooting. Avoid heavy exposure to the sun. Please avoid alcohol or anything that will make you puffy or bloated. Also avoid anything that may stain your teeth.
  • If you plan on showing your smile, be sure that your teeth are ready for prime-time. If your teeth are discolored, you may want to consider having them cleaned/whitened.


What to Take With You

You will need a big bag to put all your things in, remember the following:


  • Hairbrush
  • Hair styling products
  • Make-up
  • Several outfits (all ironed and hung)
  • MP3 with your favorite music


Practice Practice Practice

You will take better pictures during your session if you have a strong understanding of your expressions. Practice your expressions in the mirror over and over again. That’s not to say that you should come in with a preconceived notion of what you want this picture to look like. You should be able to be coached into a number of different expressions during your session. There’s no limit to the number of pictures we take during the session. My job is to make sure that you have a huge variety of images to choose from. The more control you have over your expression, the more amazing shots of yourself you’re going to leave here with.

Did I mention Water and Sleep?

Drink a lot of water the day before and on the day of your shoot. If you are not in the custom to drinking lots of water daily then maybe now you should start. Water is life’s best kept secret. It will hydrate your skin, detoxify your body, and make you radiate. So drink up. It’s free.

One last thing. Get plenty of sleep the night before.


Additional Tips

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for your photo session!

  • Watch prime time TV for one week and find your “type” in all the TV shows and commercials. Pay close attention to what your type wears and what your type’s hair looks like.
  • If you have an agent, be sure to get on the same page as your agent. Have a conversation with them about what marketing looks you think you should aim for. Ask if they agree or if they have any input.
  • Assemble what you’ll need at least the night prior to your appointment so you are not rushing around in the time before leaving for your shoot.

And most importantly don't get uptight or worried. This is time all about you and you should relax and enjoy it. Trust me. I'll make you look great.