A headshot is a portrait, but not all portraits are headshots.

Headshots have a specific purpose. As an actors calling card, the goal of a good headshot is to get the attention of the casting director and get them to bring them in for an audition. If you are serious about being an actor or model, you need a photographer that understands that.

As an actor/model myself, I have come to appreciate the unique art that is headshot photography. As a result, I strive to get a headshot that conveys the uniqueness of the actor and convey the essence of roles that individual actor is suited for. I regularly meet with major casting directors from the San Francisco and Los Angeles area which gives me a unique perspective, compared with other local photographers. I find feedback on actor headshots from these professionals invaluable: they convey the current trends, characteristics, and do's/don'ts that they look for when casting a project. 

Please visit the INFO section of my website to read helpful information on getting headshots done for your self: what makes headshots different than a portrait, what to wear, what to expect from your sesstion and other helpful tips.

I also photograph adult, child, & family portraiture, corporate and professional headshots, social media photos (Facebook, LinkedIn, eHarmony, match.com, etc.), school and senior photography as well as provide unique event coverage & photo journalism services.

Additionally, I am excited to be studying for my FAA Part 107 Exam; which will certify me to fly into the world of Commercial Drone Photography & Videography. More on that soon. :-)

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to working with you!

- Jonathan Lim